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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Race for the Heisman

We are nearing the end of the college season, and this year, there is a lot of discussion on who deserves to win the Heisman Trophy. It is worthy of discussion, as it’s the most prestigious award in college football and the field of candidates is somewhat unusual this year. Ultimately, the award gives recognition to the best player in the nation. But what makes someone the best player? Is it being a team leader? Being the best athlete? Being a play maker? All the athletes are very important to their team, and their teams would not have enjoyed their current level of success without them.  But this year, I think the Heisman will go to the best play maker!

This year has been a year like no other, in the sense that the dominant teams in the college rankings have not produced a clear favorite for the Heisman. The conversation this year includes some unique influences, such as youth and position. We have three QB's, including a redshirt freshman, a player on a team under sanctions, one WR and one defensive player. An unusual year, to say the least!

Here are my rankings for the Heisman Race: 

Marqise Lee
5. Marqise Lee (Sophomore, WR) USC 
He is extremely talented, but he may not even be the best WR on his own team. He will be a very good NFL receiver, but he will not be the Heisman winner.

Braxton Miller

4. Braxton Miller (Sophomore, QB) Ohio State
He led his team to an undefeated season, but cannot play for the Big 10 Title or participate in a bowl game. He was the heart and soul of the Ohio State team and made tremendous plays all season long. It will really hurt Miller that his team was left out of the national spotlight due to the sanctions on Ohio State. Look for him to have a huge impact next year.

Collin Klein

3. Collin Klein (Senior, QB) Kansas State 
He is a perfect fit in the style of offense that Kansas State runs. They are a no-nonsense type of offense that will take what you give them and will not force the issue. This is how Klein plays. He has very few turnovers and runs and passes well, but does not have anywhere near the "flash" of the other QB's in the race. Klein is the most consistent player, but his lack of pizzazz and Kansas State losing a game will hurt him.

Manti Te'o
2. Manti Te'o (Senior, LB) Notre Dame 
Te’o has made the most of this season’s amazing run for Notre Dame. Te’o is the only defensive player in the running and has put up some really impressive stats. Many people believe that he may not be the best LB in the nation as far as NFL caliber goes, but Te’o brings all the elements that you look for in a student athlete. He returned for his senior year, leads by example on and off the field, persevered through tragic family loss, continues to be a mainstay in the media spotlight and has led his team to an undefeated regular season with a chance at a national title. He is a tremendous leader, an outstanding football player,
and extremely popular with fans and media. All that said, I think he will be the runner up.

Johnny Manziel
1. Johnny Manziel (Redshirt Freshman, QB) Texas A&M 
Manziel = Mr. Excitement. It is Texas A&M's first year in the SEC, and they have accumulated a 10-2 record and defeated #1 Alabama at Alabama. No one would have predicted that level of success, and no one would have predicted that a freshman would be the leading candidate for the Heisman Trophy. Manziel has set a new record for total yards in a season in the SEC, which was held by Cam Newton and 2nd was Tim Tebow. (Both Heisman winners.) He will be the first freshman to win the award and it is well-deserved.  He is the best  
                                                           player and play maker in the college football ranks for 2012. 

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