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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Baron Batch: Remarkable Courage

I love the game of football. There is so much about it that challenges you mentally and physically. But one of the things that is really great about the sport is that we hear stories from ordinary people who remind us that hard work and perseverance can overcome a lot of life's adversities. The heart of a champion is always filled with greater stories than just the wins and losses. That's why I wanted to recommend Steel Resolve: Baron Batch's Incredible Journey, an article about Baron Batch, RB for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

With the holidays, it is great to be reminded to be thankful for the opportunities that we are given. Baron Batch probably understands that at a level most of us don't. In his young life, he has endured an extremely difficult childhood, tough family situation, personal struggles with everyday living, getting cut from his team, and several major injuries. When all other people and avenues were failing him, the things he could rely on were his siblings, school and football.
Baron Batch

Through all the things life has thrown his way, Batch has found a way to stay courageous and upbeat and battle through things head on. Batch's story is a powerful example how athletics can free people's minds from their personal struggles and give them direction in their lives. Winston Churchill once said, "“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” Baron Batch is a living witness to that statement, and his courage to continue can teach us all a little bit about gratitude, the human spirit, and the deeper meaning of success.

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