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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Think Football: Roundtable with the Coaches

We are very excited to be bringing the Dale Moss Wide Receiver Camp to athletes in the Sioux Falls area. When I started Riggs Premier Football, I knew that the combination of exceptional area talent, a state-of-the-art Fieldhouse, and athletes with a strong desire to work their skills year-round would combine to create an entirely new way of thinking about football training in the region. Dale was one of the first athletes who trained with us, he continues to train and coach with us, and he exemplifies the combination of athletic talent and an unparalleled work ethic in a way that we think athletes should learn from. He has committed to putting on this camp for area athletes on an annual basis, and we are looking forward to continuing our work with him when he has time off from his NFL career.

We are fortunate to have extremely talented WR coaches, Will Powell and Korey Williams, working with our athletes as well. Each of these athletes brings veteran knowledge of the WR position, remarkable athletic talent, and a strong desire to work with young athletes. Dale and Will are from the area and know the opportunities kids have in our region and the struggles they will face. All three of our WR coaches are men who will always go the extra mile to make themselves and our Academy athletes better. These three coaches are very much shaping the way area athletes think about the position and the game of football. We are very lucky to have them on board, and I asked them to share some of their thoughts and advice on playing WR as we prepare for this clinic.

What are the most important qualities in a WR, and how do you display those?

Will: The best receivers are smart, physical, and efficient in their route running. Playing fast, but under control is crucial to being successful at WR. Obviously, a great receiver needs to have exceptional hands as well.

Dale Moss
Dale: I feel the top qualities in a WR are consistency, confidence, and attention to detail. You are heavily relied on to make plays for your team and to protect your quarterback, which is why it's so important to be confident that anything thrown is your ball. The timing between you and your quarterback is crucial, and you have to pay attention to all the small details (route depth, steps) so you and your QB are on the same page. Finally, consistency is what allows you to be deceptive in your route running and getting separation. If you make everything look the same, the defender never knows what route you are about to run.

What kind of workouts do you do, and how does it make you a better WR?

Korey:  I never stick to one thing because the game is always changing, but the fundamentals don't! I do cone drills to keep my breaking points crisp, ladder drills to keep my feet fast, route running on air to get my steps down for timing, and most importantly, watch video to see what I can add to my game to give me the edge on the defender.

Dale:  I do a lot of footwork drills as well as change of direction-type training. The better your footwork, the easier it is to get in and out of cuts. I also focus on the change of direction so I can control my body when breaking down and changing directions, which allows me to keep my routes consistent and all looking the same.

What advice would you give a young athlete who wants to play WR?

Will Powell
Will: Practice, practice, practice! Have fun! Wide receivers have more fun than anyone on else on the field! The more that receivers can perfect their routes and ball skills, the easier it will be to score touchdowns during the season. Nothing is more beneficial than running routes and catching balls from a QB!

Korey:  Get your parents to buy you a ladder! Practice on your own outside of school practice, that is what separates receivers. Keep your grades up so that you can get into any school that you want, and remember, football is just the beginning. There is a lot more to life than football, and you will need knowledge to crack into it.

Korey Williams
Why should athletes go to this special WR Clinic?

Will:  Athletes should go to this clinic because they will learn what it takes to be a successful WR at any level. I wish I had the opportunity to attend a clinic like this when I was younger, because I really I didn't understand what it took to run great routes until I was in college. We are going to teach athletes how to improve their footwork and ball skills, as well as helping them become efficient route runners.

Dale:  It's a great opportunity to learn things that I've been taught from some of the best coaches/players in the game. There haven't been many opportunities for kids in this area to receive a lot of individual attention on the basic skills of being a WR, and these are things that can really take your game to another level! We have a great staff that cares and wants to see kids from SD continue to develop and succeed!

We hope to see you at the Fieldhouse for this tremendous opportunity to work with our premier coaching staff and focus on the skills you need to play wide receiver! --Coach Riggs

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