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Friday, May 24, 2013

Think Football: Roundtable with the Kick/Punt/Snap Coach

We are following the OLine/DLine Challenge and Skills Clinics with a Kicking, Punting and Snapping Clinic on May 28-29.  Former All-American kicker from SDSU, Parker Douglass, is leading the clinic for Riggs Premier Football. Parker is one of the rare kickers that has been able to kick successfully at all levels. Parker had a successful career at SDSU, then was able to kick in the IFL, UFL and NFL. Certain kickers have the unique ability to get the ball in the air quickly off the foot, kick with distance, and kick with accuracy. Parker is definitely one of the those kickers! Over the years, Parker has worked very hard to perfect his craft, and he spends countless hours trying to make sure that he is prepared for all situations! Kids are very lucky to have the opportunity to receive coaching from this great Jackrabbit Alum!

What are the most important qualities in a kicking specialist, and how do you display those?

Some of the most important qualities of a kicking specialist include: a strong work ethic, desire to be the best, being coachable, and belief or confidence in one’s self.

What advice would you give to a young athlete who someday wants to be a kicking specialist?

Work hard and take advantage of your opportunities to get coaching and advice from someone who has had success at your position. I did not begin kicking until I was in high school, and I did not have any professional coaching until after college. I wish I had pursued professional coaching since high school because I believe I would have performed better.

What’s your favorite part about being a kicking specialist?

Being there for my team. The kicking game can provide a big advantage. Your team depends on you, and I enjoy doing everything I can to put points on the board and help put the team in a position to succeed.

Why should athletes attend this Kick/Snap/Punt camp?

I believe it would be a great advantage to any kicking specialist who attends this camp. As I stated earlier, I did not receive professional coaching until after I was done with college. I had to coach myself and learn from watching the NFL. There is only so much you can learn from watching, and I truly believe I would have performed much better in high school and college had I received more training.

We are looking forward to working with athletes who are focused on improving their skills as kicking specialists!  And stay tuned for our blog series leading up to our July camps and clinics.  Heads up! It's time to focus on tackling!

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