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Monday, September 23, 2013

A Team with a Cause

One of the best things about my involvement with the Sanford POWER-Riggs Premier Football Academy is the terrific sense of community which resides in our Academy families and the city of Sioux Falls. As a coach, I try to reinforce to my athletes at every level that being part of something bigger than yourself is the ultimate goal of athletics. I can't think of a better way to reinforce that message than working together to give something back to our community. That is why I am running with a team of my staff, athletes and Academy friends in the SD Race for the Cure next weekend, and I'm inviting others to join us.

The NFL and other high school, college, and youth leagues have long recognized "Breast Cancer Awareness Month" by wearing pink during games in October. During those games, we are often introduced to the family members of players who have been affected by breast cancer. It is a disease that seems to touch so many families, and we appreciate the efforts to raise awareness.

The SD Race for the Cure runs at the end of September every year, and I wanted our athletes to not just wear their pink, but to become part of a team that is working for a greater cause. Our staff and families have loved ones affected by breast cancer, and we are proud to put our efforts toward raising funds and awareness for this issue! The funds raised go to the SD Affiliate of Susan G. Komen to support education, research and services in our community. We have set a team goal and individual goals for fundraising and involvement, and we are working together to achieve them. 

While running the race is certainly a goal for our athletes, we will have people running, walking. and cheering us on. You don't have to able to run a 5k to be on the team! If you look at the options, you will see you can join the team even if you can't be there on September 29th, and there is no set amount to donate. We have received donations from $5 up to $100. We are encouraging people to join, donate, and just get involved at any level! 

Athletes understand what it means to be part of a team, and this team is excited to get out and make a difference in the race for the cure for breast cancer. We hope you will join us in some way as we prepare to do our very best as Team RPF in the SD Race for the Cure!

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