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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ready to Rock: Dale Moss Prepares to Play for the LA Kiss

Dale Moss has trained with and coached for Riggs Premier Football since we started the Sanford POWER Football Academy. He has tremendous athletic talent and a phenomenal work ethic, and we are proud to have him on staff working with our athletes! Dale's football journey has landed him with several NFL teams, and he recently signed with the LA Kiss of the Arena Football League. The Kiss is a new AFL team owned by the rock group KISS, and this first season will be an adventure as the team attempts to get a solid start in arena football and be the subject of an AMC reality television show about the team.

Coach Riggs caught up with Dale as he headed out to LA for training camp.

Tell us what led to your decision to sign with the LA Kiss.
My main reason for signing with the LA Kiss was for exposure. I felt it gave me the best opportunity because of the amount of nationally televised games and the location it was in. The staff had a great history of winning, and I felt I could step in from day one and compete for a starting spot. Not only that, but there are 4 NFL teams right in the area which will definitely allow for more looks!

What is appealing about the AFL and playing for this team?
The game is perfect for a WR like myself: someone with size and speed. There are a lot of opportunities for big plays down the field because the game is really fast-paced, and the plays are almost entirely passing.

Are you a KISS fan? What are you most looking forward to with living in LA?

I'm a fan of the entertainment aspect of them. They know how to put people in seats! And the fact that I'm in LA where I can explore other opportunities is an added bonus. I think the networking and experience will be great!

What do you hope to contribute to this team?
I want to be a key guy right away. I didn't decide to play just to make a team, I want to be a primary guy so I can get back on an NFL roster.

What do you hope to learn from this experience?
Just how to utilize all the resources around me. There are a lot of great opportunities on the field and even beyond football that can definitely be explored. The football side can help with that.

How can we watch your games and follow your season in the AFL?
We have multiple games on ESPN 2 and CBS networks throughout the season. They will also be streamed through the AFL website.

Dale's first game with the LA Kiss is on March 15th and the first televised game will be carried on CBS Sports on April 5th. Everyone at the Academy is excited to see him play at this level, and we are hoping for nothing but great things ahead for him! 

We will keep you updated as his season goes on, and athletes will have the chance to work with him again on June 1st, when he returns to the Fieldhouse to lead the 2nd Annual Dale Moss Wide Receiver Clinic. Don't miss what is sure to be a great football clinic!

Good luck, Coach Moss!!

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