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Friday, September 21, 2012

College Game to Watch: Clemson vs. Florida State

While it is not a game that receives much exposure in our neck of the woods, the Clemson-Florida State game is definitely one that is worth watching this weekend. Both teams have converted to more conventional style offenses over the past two years that allow them to keep the defense guessing by using the entire field via the run or the pass. Both teams have QB's that can hurt a defense equally with their arm or their feet. Both teams also currently have their eyes on winning the Atlantic Division, and whichever team loses tomorrow will have a much tougher shot at that goal.

Things to watch in this game:

1. Tempo:  Clemson will try to wear down Florida State's talented defense with an up-tempo offense.  Look for Clemson QB, Tajh Boyd, to utilize his legs and a quick screen game to keep the FSU defense off balance.  If Clemson can keep from getting behind, that strategy may pay off in the 4th quarter.

2. Athletes:  Both teams are extremely athletic at all positions, but Clemson might have one of the most talented offenses from top to bottom in the country.  QB Tajh Boyd is a playmaker, and his team is counting on his ability to make things happen for their no-huddle, hurry up offense.  Meanwhile, FSU's defense has only given up 3 points in 3 games. How will the two powerhouses match up? Should be fun to find out!

3. Home Crowd:  With the high hopes of winning a National Championship in Tallahassee this year, FSU will provide an extremely hostile atmosphere for opposing teams all season. Expect a big game like this one to produce an especially big crowd.  The FSU tomahawk chop will be in full effect on Saturday. How will Clemson handle the pressure?

4. Special Teams: With a predicted showdown in the trenches, Special Teams could easily be a determining factor in the outcome of this game. Both teams have speed and talent that can return a punt or kick for a game changing touchdown.  Watch for them both to attempt to break "big plays" with Special Teams.  Florida State fans are always worried about a possible "wide right" situation, but the return game will likely be a deciding factor.

5. Defense:  FSU is touted as the best defense in the country. Clemson's high-powered offense will be their first true test of that statement.  Look for FSU's defensive line to relentlessly hit and attempt to take down Clemson's QB throughout the game. FSU's defense is always the catalyst for their team, so they will be looking to create turnovers to spark their team's performance. If FSU can keep constant pressure on Clemson's QB and deliver consistent hits, they will lead the QB to get rid of the ball quickly...and that could deliver the turnovers FSU desires.

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